Lighting/Compositing/FX Reel



A few personal projects to showcase my abilities in lighting/compositing/fx. Responsible for all elements unless specified in the breakdown below.

Renderers: Mental Ray, VRay, Maya software
Composited using: After Effects, Nuke
Music : Run (Instrumental) by Gnarls Barkley


1. Alien abduction
- Student project at Sheridan College
- Fully rigged Alien & truck (Overview of controls on my rigging reel)
- Dust trail using Maya Fluids, rendered in Maya software

2. Control room
- UI design(main screens) Concept, modeling & texturing (partial), set design
- Scout rig (Team fortress)

3. Jade Buddha
- Concept, set design
- Buddha model (external source)
- VRay fog and subsurface scattering
- Incense fumes using Maya fluids, rendered in Maya software

4. Interrogation
- Alfred rig (
- Heavy rig (Team fortress)

5. Bedroom - Early morning
- Modeled by David Vacek (Lighting challenge -

6. Jetback
- All elements except the driver - Scout rig (Team fortress)

7. Portal
- Modeled by Juan Carlos Silva (Lighting challenge -

8. Camaro
- Modeled and fully rigged (Overview of controls on my rigging reel)

9. Jetback (Closing screen)
- All elements


Software used